Ford Bronco Sport in Anson, TX

The Ford Bronco Sport at Lawrence Hall Ford: The Go-Everywhere SUV

If you love to explore the Anson area and push deep into uncharted places, then the Ford Bronco Sport is for you. It features a timeless design that has all the nostalgia of the original with a new age twist. Lawrence Hall Ford has the new Ford Bronco Sport you want. Continue reading to learn more.

The sleek, boxy exterior is made modern with a two-tone paint job that colors the roof differently from the body. However, the two-tone color scheme is optional, so don't worry. There is a Bronco Sport for everyone, enough to stand apart from the rest as you commute from Snyder to Sweetwater. So, understanding the big decision before you, we've put together a short guide to understanding the new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport.

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Choosing a Trim Level

You have your choice between five different trim levels. They start with the not-so-basic base model and goes to the fully-loaded First Edition. However, there are several in between fully loaded and the wilderness essential of the base.

The trim levels are the Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands, and First Edition. All models of the Branco Sport can go off-road. With 4x4 and a Terrain Management System with five adjustable modes, you can go anywhere.

However, if you want something even more sporty, the Big Bend comes with zipper-like pockets, which help increase storage and cargo inside. Enjoy keyless entry and a rubberized floor for all your muddy gear.

However, the Outer Banks trim level comes with leather as a standard feature. Driving it is no less robust than the previous models.

However, the upgraded interior makes it feel worthy of praise, capable of being comfortable both on the road and off. In other words, the Outer Banks is a perfect balance of durability and luxury, not only for the Abilene area. And, if you still aren't satisfied. You can always test drive the Badlands or First Edition models. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured the Bronco Sport will take you anywhere you wish to go.

More Space

The Base, Big Bend, and Outer Banks editions have an astounding 65.2 cubic feet of cargo space. in other words, you can rest assured that it can transport you, your guests, and all your outdoor equipment.

Optional on some models are tailgate lights so you can produce a working space behind your vehicle in the dark. So, if you enjoy being outdoors and need cargo space to get there, the Bronco can deliver you safely.

Also, the Safari-Style Roof provides storage for surfboards, fishing poles, and all-you-tall people who often lack space inside an SUV. Equipped with a steel roof, you can stack up to 150 lbs. of cargo on top of your new Bronco.

Performance and Durability

The Bronco is remarkable not just because of its heritage but because of its durability. Each model has equipped with the ability to go off-road and to do it well. The Bronco features a unique suspension system that makes driving off-road comfortable.

In the front are two struts with hydraulics to make for a quieter and more relaxed experience. So, driving in the Lubbock area is just as enjoyable as driving off-road.

And, with 23.6 inches of water-fording, you can drive confidently through small bodies of water. This is the go-anywhere, relax anytime, kind of vehicle that you may want to keep forever.

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