Here at Lawrence Hall Ford, we know that people are gearing up for summer. With that might mean more driving to places further away, and we want to make sure no matter where you go, that your car is ready. That's why we have service tips for you that you can find right here in our service center which gives those in Anson and Snyder, TX a place to go to service their Ford or any other vehicle. We have some tips for suggested summer services that will get you ready for the season.

There's a lot more you can have done and our team is here to help with all of it from the routine to the complex. You can schedule service with us any time and find an available appointment that works best for you to get the summer service your vehicle needs to provide continued quality driving. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here at Lawrence Hall Ford and we'd be happy to provide you with information and available service appointments!

  1. Check and replace your wiper blades if needed, since this will make sure you're clearing off any rain that comes during the summer, and provides you with clear vision and safety on the roads at all times
  2. Get your tires checks as you want tires that have the right tread, which tire rotations can help with, and that you have a firm grip of the road
  3. Have your air conditioning system checked to ensure everything is working and that the air is cooling down your cabin and providing fresh air quality as well
  4. Check your fluid levels as everything from wiper fluid to transmission and steering fluid is important and keeps your vehicle going
  5. Have your oil and filter changed if you haven't done so recently since you'll want to make sure your engine is running clean and you're getting an efficient ride every time you step behind the wheel
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