In recent years, automotive safety features have been going through a Renaissance. Long gone are the days in which the only safety features were seatbelts, ABS, and a driver airbag. Nowadays, nearly every automotive manufacturer is competing to come up with the most intuitive and efficient safety features to equip their vehicles with. Our team in Anson can go over some of the features you want to make sure your next vehicle has.

Being able to see out of your vehicle is imperative to safe operation. That is why blind-spot monitoring systems and 360-degree cameras are some of the features you are going to want to prioritize when shopping for your next vehicle. BLMS are the more common of the two technologies, and they come in many different forms. The most basic BLMS systems will have a light on your mirrors that let you know that an object is in your blind spot. The more advanced systems can prevent you from merging into a lane if it thinks you are going to get into an accident.

360-degree cameras started as a luxury feature on high-end vehicles, but they have trickled down to be added to many more frugal offerings. Basic 360-degree systems allow you to get a full picture of your vehicle and its surroundings, which is ideal for navigating tight parking spaces and narrow streets. More advanced 360-degree systems allow you to change the angle in which your vehicle is presented, and they allow you to only focus on certain parts of the vehicle if you want to.

The final advanced safety feature you want to make sure your next vehicle comes with is adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control allows you to lock onto the vehicle ahead of you and maintain a set distance. This is incredibly helpful if you are taking a trip across Anson, as it is one less thing you must focus on. Higher-end adaptive cruise control systems allow your vehicle to slow down to a complete stop, and then cruise on up to your desired speed without any additional inputs.

If you want to learn more about modern safety features, you can stop by Lawrence Hall Ford. Our selection of new and used Ford vehicles come equipped with some of the finest safety techs on the market, and our team would love to demonstrate them for you.

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