We at Lawrence Hall Ford could not be more excited to talk your ear off about the Ford heavy duty lineup. With Ford's Super Duty trucks, you'll be able to absolutely crush the competition, and come out on top every time. These impressive beasts will show you just what it means when we say Ford tough. With several impressive models that can all do more than the last, you'll have no trouble at all choosing the best one to fit your needs. Check out these beasts below:


The Ford F-250 is an impressive option for anyone looking to drive in style without sacrificing capability. This beauty can handle 21,000 pounds of conventional towing when its maxed out with the right packages and trim levels. This beauty also handles immensely well, leaving you with total control.


The next level up on the totem pole is the Ford F-350. This beast pushes the payload capacity to well over 7,000 pounds. This monster ensures that you can haul everything you need to, without leaving a single thing behind. With the F-350, you'll be able to handle all you need to, and towing the fifth wheel to the summer camping spot is nothing but a breeze.


The F-450 continues the tradition of showing off with a gooseneck tow rating of 35,000 pounds. You read that right. This monster has incredible power and can help you complete that down and dirty work in no time.

After just a taste of the impressive Ford Super Duty lineup, we know you'll be able to get rough and tough jobs completed. We could not more highly recommend that you come in for a test drive of any of these impressive models, and suggest that you work with us to find the perfect version of any Ford Super Duty model to check out.

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